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Day 4 - 4th November and we're all done, 42.32km!

What a beautiful morning to complete the run, 22c and overcast with a slight breeze, perfect. Got an early start because I figured it would take me 2 hours to complete the 13.5km that I needed.

All pretty quite at the park at 6.00am other than Miss Spartan doing their boot camp on the netball courts but after an hour all the dog walkers were out. Still not a busy as yesterday so I had a pretty clear run on the track.

Everything was going well until I got to the 11km mark, struggled through the last 2.63km but we got it all done in 1 hour 48 minutes. So the total distance end up being 42.32km over 4 days, now for a week of the legs I think.

The fundraiser continues on until the 8th November so please take the opportunity to support this great event and hit the blue button if your haven't done so as yet.

Day three, Cup Day 3rd November

Well its day three and I must say I even surprised myself on this mornings run, although I'm feeling it now. Morning run was way better then doing it around midday where the temp got to 34C by 1.00pm, at 8.00am this morning it was 20C and everybody was out.

Stayed with the Macleay/Myrtle Park run, many more trees along the gravelled track than the Koonung Trail. Great to see so many people out this morning, at least 4 Boot Camp sessions going on with 4-5 people in each group and 3 cricket matches under way. Made for a pleasant run lapping the parklands some 5 times.

Run today was 10.42km so I'm on track to complete the run in 4 days if I knock out 13.5km tomorrow morning. Heading out this morning I was thinking just another 6km would do fine, but even though the legs weren't too willing we got through it.

Day 4 will be a big day, all going well I'll try to get it done, if not then it will have to be a 5 day event.

Thanks for your support and please encourage others/friends to join in and donate to Run for Autism. I haven't reach my target in terms of donations so every little bit helps. 


Day two, 2nd November

Hot one today, 27 degrees with clear blue skies! Decided to do a lunch run which was a mistake, too damn hot to be running, even along the tracks of MacLeay & Myrtle Parks. Only covered 6.76km today so not quite a good as the first day but these old legs were getting a little tied in the heat.

I think I'll stick to morning runs when the temperature is a comfortable 10-12 degrees.

Day one, 1st November

Well its day one of our challenge to run 42km within 8 days whilst raising money in support of those with Autism on the spectrum. I'm so thankful to all those caring people that are supporting the Run for Autism fund raising event, thank you so much for donating to my run.

Brisk morning for a run so near perfect other than those pesky swooping birds, I got swooped on the Anniversary Trail (twice) and at Hislop Park (four times) this morning. Had to laugh though with the persistent Hislop Park bird which swooped me first then attacked a walker who quickly became a runner. Ah Spring, got to love it!

Today was a good start, having run 118km in the last 31 days through the suburbs of Balwyn, Balwyn North, Canterbury & Kew, we clocked 11.45km on this mornings run. Not bad I think for an old fella!

At this rate I should have this all done in half the time (4 days) but we'll see how the legs pull up the following day. I might need 48hrs to recover after running these hilly streets, or maybe just hit the Koonung Trail along the Eastern Freeway which it quite picturesque this time of the year. 

Anyway, thanks once again for all the support and please encourage others to join in supporting Run for Autism. I'll try to provide an update of my runs and if we garner more support I may even extend the run beyond the 42km if I look like completing it earlier than 8 days.

Training update

Only 31 days to go until the big day, so a big block of training coming up starting with a 5.82km run this morning along probably my favourite route. Last I looked I'm sitting around 6th or 7th on the donations board, so if you can please support this important cause Autism on the Spectrum.

I'm running to support those beautiful people on the Autism Spectrum

I’m running a 42km virtual marathon for autism to help, in a small way, create a world where no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind.

I've set my challenge and I'll be running or swogging for a total of 42km from Sunday 1st - 8th November (I'll be 62 yrs old by then) while raising much needed funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians.

People on the spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently and they are amazing but for many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation. 

We are all experiencing tough Covid-19 times, but imagine how much harder it is for those on the autism spectrum and their families.

So by coming together and taking action, we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.

Help make my run challenge count and show your support by digging as deep as you can and donating whatever you can today, to support these wonderful people in our lives. We are better for having them with us!

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On behalf of all at the Pentarch Group, well run Wally!


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I am hoping this will come from my winnings when Port get turfed from the finals!


Wally Vinaev


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Good luck Wally!


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Well done. Hope your legs stay the course xx


Simon Yuncken

Wally, remember... What are your legs? Steel springs What are they going to do? Hurl me down the track How fast can you run? As fast as a leopard! Good work for a great cause mate


Julio Mercado

Well done mate this is a great reason to run!


Anna & Stephen Vella

Well done Wally, great cause. You will smash it!


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Good stuff Wally. Focus on the post run "hydration" and you'll be fine!


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Good luck Wally!


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You can do it Wally!!


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What a great effort - good luck.



Well done mate keep up the good work


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Go Wally! You are running for a great cause. We are very proud of you!


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Great job Wally!


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Hi Wally, wish you a great success in the upcoming marathon event!


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Good Luck Wally!!


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Good luck Wally and well done!


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Run Wally Run Goodluck!😀


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Good luck Wally


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Great work Wally and good luck!