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Run for autism is a free virtual running event.

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Run with us from Sunday 30 October to Sunday 6 November 2022!

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Help us raise much-needed funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

Jack's story 

For families with children on the autism spectrum, an early diagnosis means getting a head start on understanding why their children experience the world differently.

It sets the path straight. It provides the answer to ‘what happens next’. It opens the door to the tailored support that children like Jack and their families need.

Chey and Matt enrolled Jack at an Aspect school right before he turned five. The difference they noticed in Jack was enormous. Just ten months after enrolling, around Halloween, Jack’s favorite holiday, he spoke his first word: “Ghost.” Two days later he said “Dad” and a day after that, “Mum.”

You can imagine how incredibly moving this was for his parents. Now in his third year at an Aspect school, Jack has dramatically increased his vocabulary and improved his overall communication and social skills. He has learned to read, count and sing. His sensory sensitivities have almost completely resolved. Most importantly, his parents better understand Jack’s behaviours and needs, and they can now communicate more effectively as a family.

Chey said, “Before Jack was diagnosed he didn’t show affection. It was hard to know at times if he even knew I was his mother. Now he is the most happy, loving boy ever. He loves hugs, kisses, holding hands and to tell you that he loves you.” 

For Chey and Matt, the transformation they have seen in their little boy is incredible and it’s all because Jack’s early diagnosis gave them access to early childhood therapies which helped Jack progress to an Aspect school.

Be a hero! 

As a Run for autism hero, your fundraising efforts make it possible for Aspect to support children like Jack to get the most out of their education and develop lifelong skills that can improve their confidence, relationships and opportunities in life. But you are also giving back to the families like Chey and Matt, who simply want best for their child. 

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