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Make every kilometre count and help create a world where no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind

Run for autism is a free virtual running event. You can do it at your own pace, in your own time and wherever suits you.  

Whether you are a seasoned runner, new to running or just simply need a new challenge - get fit and healthy with us and change lives one kilometre at a time! 

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Run with us in November 2021!

Help us raise much-needed funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

Your fundraising efforts make it possible for Aspect to support children like William to get the most out of their education and develop lifelong skills that can improve their confidence, relationships and opportunities in life.

Meet William

While everyone on the autism spectrum is different, there are certain common features among those on the autism spectrum that has made it especially difficult to adjust to all the changes.

Many children on the autism spectrum, like William, thrive in predictable, structured environments, which is what Aspect schools provide them.

Disruptions in routine, lack of structure and an increased sense of uncertainty can lead to enormous distress and behavioural changes for someone on the autism spectrum.

Since starting at his Aspect School, William has had the chance to learn, develop and thrive in ways his mother, Cathy, could only have imagined. As Cathy said,

“William has come a long way academically at his Aspect School and his teachers are absolutely fabulous. His reading and writing has improved greatly. His overall behaviour is amazing. He seems to have matured, has increased self-awareness, control his emotions, and impacts on others.”

Meet Sienna

Sienna was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age two. Before Sienna was old enough for school, she accessed speech and occupational therapy through Aspect, and attended Aspect’s Building Blocks Early Intervention program. These services helped her build foundational skills in speech and social interaction and prepared her for the transition into school.When Sienna started at her Aspect School in 2016, she thrived. She made her first friends, who she is still friends with today. Her speech improved enormously. Now, instead of only communicating to request things, she can express her thoughts and tell her parents who she wants to spend time with.

“Sienna’s resilience amazes us every day. She surprises us all the time with how well she manages to adapt to situations we thought she would never handle." Leanne, Sienna’s Mum

As a Run for autism hero, you are fundraising towards a better future for children like William and Sienna and giving back to people like Cathy and Leanne, who simply want the best for their child.