The iPlods

We're running 70km this October for the 1 in 70 Australians on the autism spectrum.

Autism wasn’t something I knew much about until 2 years ago. Now, it’s something that we live with everyday, in some way shape or form.

Kids with autism don’t get the same opportunities as neurotypical children. There are some days where this seems so incredibly unfair. Often, they aren’t a part of Saturday sport or any team at all. Heartbreakingly, play dates are few and far between. In some circumstances, they have no choice but to attend a school where they aren’t safe. This is because there is insufficient funding to accommodate all students in a space that caters for their learning and sensory needs.

Aspect Australia is one organisation who is creating change so that there may be more opportunities for these kids to shine. Because when given the right chance, these children are absolute rockstars! That’s why myself and friends are each attempting to run 70km in October to help Aspect make the world a better place for these little legends.

Any support you can offer would be amazing and if you see us running the streets give us a toot and tell us to keep going!!!

Thank you so much!!

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Shane Howell


Brooke Fenton

So proud of you


Gloria Sweeting

Go Team !! Love Emmie & G xx




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Zoe And Mike


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You are all amazing! x


Carolyn Howell

Go Anna!!! Such a great cause!!!


Gemma Edwards

Amazing guys just incredible xx


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