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We're fundraising for our son Bailey


Hi we are baileys parents Stuart and Hayley, let us tell you a bit about bailey.

Bailey is a 3 year old kid with autism who is always running around with a smile on his face, laughing and being in his own world. Bailey has always been like this even before he was diagnosed. Bailey would always walk on his tippy toes or even flap his hands, we never thought anything of it, we just thought he was just any other kid just doing kid things. We thought the hand flapping was just his way of showing us that he was excited and happy, because he wasn’t verbal with us and it was the only way he could express himself. It wasn’t until the women at Aussie Kindies Kyabram were worried because he wasn’t to verbal and interacting at his age, then we decided to get him looked at.

In July of 2021 we went and seen a specialist who watched and observed bailey, after that he diagnosed him, the specialist referred us to NDIS for funding, it was a long process before we could get funding. To this we had to go around another way, we had a video call with someone involved with NDIS and she watched bailey for an hour, after the video call she confirmed that he definitely has autism, she pushed for bailey to get funding and we eventually got it for him. 

This isn’t for us, this is us doing something for our son Bailey and all the others like him.

Since finding out last year, bailey has come a long way, at the start bailey was not speaking many words and didn’t like to be around other kids. Now he is the exact opposite, he’s saying more words and interacting with other kids at daycare.

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Stuart Trevena

This donation was raised by the Stanhope football netball club our local club we play at, thank you Stanhope




Stuart Trevena


Stuart Trevena


Stuart Trevena

This money was raised at my work dowell windows Shepparton thank you to everyone


Helen And Scott Mcmillan

Proud of what you are doing for Bailey. He is so lucky to have you guys as parents. ❤️❤️


Stuart Trevena


Stuart Trevena



Love your work guys🤘


Daniel Knight

Good work guys


Alec Young

Awesome work, you two. Bailey is a great kid and you’re doing the best job raising him! Enjoy all that running!


June Patterson

This donation is for Bailey Trevena and all the beautiful children with this condition and it is sent with love xx❤️


Hayley Trevena