Glen Adams

My Why!

When asked if I wanted to take part in this there was no hesitation. It was always going to be yes. I have someone very special in my life who not only does a lot for me and my family but does a whole, whole lot more for her own. Seeing everything she goes through, the highs and lows, the laughter and tears. She is one tough….. but she never complains. She takes everything on and she thrives. She is my why and she will hate me for this but I don’t care because she deserves the acknowledgment for being one of the greatest. 

I’m running this October for the 1 in 70 Australians on the autism spectrum.

Did you know that autism is estimated to affect over 350,000 Australians every day? For children, an early diagnosis is critical. It means more tailored support at home and school, so they can experience the joy of being a different brilliant.

Sadly, there are so many financially disadvantaged families who are currently on the waitlist for urgently needed autism assessments.

That’s why I’m taking on Run for autism. To help children access an early diagnosis, opening doors to specialised support services and giving them the best possible chance to shine!

Will you please support my run for autism by making a tax-deductible donation?

Any contribution, large or small, will help make a huge difference in the lives of families waiting on an autism diagnosis.

Thank you so much!

My Running Activity

Distance Run

71 KM

My Target

70 KM

I'm running 70km for Carly Luca Skye.

You are all amazing and we love you dearly.

Thank you for your brilliant donation




Tahlia & Matt

Good on you, best of luck hitting 70km!!


Carly Wood

I love you more than words <3 You’re still a butthead though.


Cameron Lawless

Good on ya boys!


Nicolle And Steve

Proud of you and your 'why' xx


Tara And Dave Trant

Dave wants proof


Selena Kessell



Love you Luca!


Trixie Kneeshaw


Amanda & Tom

As your mum said, run Forrest run 🏃‍♂️


Robert & Asha



Sari Harrington

Best of luck Glen, hope you achieve your goal, and you survive the run x


Jynette Tidy

Good luck, hope the event goes well for you


Steph Stockbauer

Proud of the cob loaf fam🫶🏼


Sean Fitzgerald


Amanda & Brett Olsen




Glen Adams


Rebe. A


Wade Jolly

Well done Glen! Huge effort.


Ben Luplau

You guys are amazing! Good stuff!


Claire Saulsman

Good Luck Buddy!!!


Tisdale Clan

Way to go Glen!! You're amazing.





Run forrest run


Matilda Bennett

Proud of you legends!


Jordyn Booth

Love your work.




Malinda Smith

Best wishes from the Holland family 💕