Lain Adam

I can't run FROM autism but I can run FOR autism!

As a late diagnosed autistic man, this is very much a cause I can get behind. Raising money for early diagnosis and making resources and supports more accessible.

Awareness isn't enough. Understanding needs to be more widespread.
With the general public but also very much with some medical professionals.

Autism is not always the stereotype. A lot of it can be internal and that definitely makes diagnosis and recognition hard.
I think a bit reason for this is the subconscious need to mask. To feel like you have to fit a mould to fit in.
Like you have to change or suppress who you are, and often for the comfort of others.

I will be running 70km in the month of October to raise money for ASD diagnoses. It can change a life.
I can't help but think I'd be a much more successful adult had I received my own diagnosis earlier in life.
Especially given what I've been able to achieve since I did get it recently.

I’m running this October for the 1 in 70 Australians on the autism spectrum.

Did you know that autism is estimated to affect over 350,000 Australians every day? For children, an early diagnosis is critical. It means more tailored support at home and school, so they can experience the joy of being a different brilliant.

Sadly, there are so many financially disadvantaged families who are currently on the waitlist for urgently needed autism assessments.

That’s why I’m taking on Run for autism. To help children access an early diagnosis, opening doors to specialised support services and giving them the best possible chance to shine!

Will you please support my run for autism by making a tax-deductible donation?

Any contribution, large or small, will help make a huge difference in the lives of families waiting on an autism diagnosis.

Thank you so much!

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Good job Lain.


Lain Adam